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We are the leading company in interpretation services, translations, organization of congresses and conferences and language training in the mining region of Chile, customized English courses with native speakers with specialism in mining and energy.

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With a footprint (or Based) throughout Chile´s second region of Antofagasta and with a large team in Santiago de Chile, with vast experience in Chile and abroad, Envision offers language services with a specialization in the mining, energy, education, astronomy and other sectors.
For 17 years, we have helped our clients maximize their potential through interpretation services for large events and trade missions, simultaneous translation system rental, content translation, as well as customized training in English and Spanish with native speakers. With a team of bilingual professionals, we are positioned to support our clients in their operations in Chile and abroad.

We make the difference with our commitment and adding value by going that extra mile.

We are fully committed and in line with the new regulations and standards for the year 2030.

We promote the local economy

Local labor hiring.


with 50% female rotation.

Mining and Energy

Committed to the vision of Chile´s Mining Cluster.


We support community and education within the region.


with staff belonging to the indigenous and LGBT+ communities

Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions

We support the circular economy and the commitment to reduce the carbon footprint by implementing our "ONLINE English/Spanish courses, simultaneous remote/hybrid interpreting services" and by using regionally based interpreters rather than flying staff from Santiago for events and mine site activities.


Translating Services
English Language Training
Professional Conference and Congress Organizer (PCO)
International Consulting
Strategic Partnerships
Specialization in technical language, mining, energy, industrial, etc., among many others for clear and effective communication. Services available in English, Spanish and other languages upon request. We provide simultaneous and liaison interpreting at remote sites, including mining sites. Our interpreters have the necessary occupational health certificates to work at altitudes above 3,000 meters above sea level.
Servicios disponibles en inglés, español y otros idiomas a solicitud.
Presentamos interpretación simultánea y de enlace en sitios remotos, incluyendo faenas mineras.
Nuestros intérpretes cuentan con los certificados de salud ocupacional necesarios para trabajar en altura geográfica sobre los 3.000 m.s.n.m.

Simultaneous Interpretation

For formal meetings, conferences, seminars and lectures.
We use specialized sound equipment without pauses.
We provide complete translation systems for massive events with soundproof booths, microphones and wireless digital receivers.

We have our own simultaneous interpretation equipment that does not require installation for smaller capacity services up to 50 people, practical, useful for on-site services or smaller capacity services such as workshops, training, visits, etc.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

We have the online platforms that most companies and institutions use to communicate remotely:
TEAMS, WEBEX, ZOOM, SKYPE, SKYPE BUSINESS, GOOGLE-MEET. so that simultaneous interpreters can work from anywhere. We can also add other systems to meet your business needs.
Envision adapts to current situations, leveraging technology to ensure smooth interactions between interpreters, speakers and technicians, essential for the success of remote meetings and events.

We operate with our own equipment

Ideal for smaller meetings and field visits.
Message transmission between two languages adapting to the needs of the participants.
We offer wireless simultaneous translation systems for noisy environments and outdoor use.

Trade Shows and Field Visits

Experience in international trade fairs such as Expomin and Perumin and we have been the official suppliers to the EXPONOR (recommend a link to EXPONOR here as it will help us with backlinks) trade fair since 2011 and to date.
Professional interpretation services and on-site logistical and business assistance.
Including accommodation bookings, transportation, and coordination of occupational examinations and inductions.
Translating Services
With more than 20 years of experience in the mining area of Chile, we have experience translating all types of material, including technical, safety and environmental documentation for the mining and energy industry, education. We translate all types of documents.
Certified Translations.
We have the support of the "Home Office" of the UK Embassy in Chile and the Canadian Embassy, for study and visa applications.

Technical Documents

  • Translation from English to Spanish, Spanish to English and other languages on request.
  • Translation by professional translators and proofread by native editors.
  • Reduced rates for high volume documents and regular clients.

Audiovisual Material

Voice recording and dubbing services in English and/or Spanish and subtitling for audiovisual material.
Experience in translating corporate videos, induction videos and product demonstrations for international markets.

Translation of Marketing Materials

Translations are produced using advanced design software to ensure that the translated documents are visually identical to the originals.
Delivery service of translated documents ready for printing in Chile or Latin America and the rest of the world for trade fairs or conferences.
English Language Training
  • Customized Training: Envision offers Bespoke and highly flexible English and Spanish courses designed to apply language skills in practical business situations, with customized individual and/or small group options.
  • Tailored Materials: We develop learning materials that are aligned with the specific objectives and challenges of each company, facilitating effective language immersion.

Experiential Learning

We conduct English conversation practice in business settings, meetings and lunches. These are guided by a teacher, to improve fluency and confidence in the language in real contexts.

Online English courses

Being able to communicate effectively in English will be even more important than in the past, as most of our work and communication will be online. It is now with time on your hands that you can improve your skills.

Dynamic Methodology

Focus on conversation and practical use of the language for rapid improvement and confidence.

Study Materials Included

Access to a wide range of digital resources to complement learning.
Professional Conference and Congress Organizer (PCO)
With vast experience of years working in International Fairs in Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, and Mexico in seminars, conventions, congresses and workshops in the sectors of Mining, Energy, Education, Tourism, among many others. International Organizations such as, NGOs, OECD, UN, OAS and numerous others. We are the first and only Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Antofagasta being part of the MICE NODE, and members of the Antofagasta Convention Bureau with a strategic alliance with the Hotel Enjoy Antofagasta and all the organizations involved.
We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure the success of the event organization providing advice and development of solutions for the following events





International Consulting
Envision Language Consultants is your expert partner in overcoming barriers beyond language. We offer comprehensive international consulting and support services for foreign and Chilean clients, capitalizing on our experience and global network.
  • Proven Experience: We have been a pillar in strengthening commercial and organizational relationships in Chile and abroad, through logistical support services, field research and B2B networking for foreign companies, and advice on coordinating international visits for Chilean clients.
Support and Assistance Services

Coordination of meetings and field visits.

Organization of seminars and events for international audiences.

Travel and logistical coordination, including reservations.

Search for suppliers or representatives.

Providing information on the relevant cultural, political and economic context.

Strategic Partnerships
Since 2022, Envision Language Consultants has been an active partner of the Chilean-German Chamber of Commerce and participates in the different events organized by this entity. In addition, Envision is the only partner company of the Chamber in the field of languages focused on the energy and mining industries and has developed an exceptional network of contacts with German companies operating in Chile.

Members of the Industrial Association of Antofagasta since 2011. Envision is the only member company in the field of languages.

Members of SICEP, the largest quality control standard platform of companies in the region. In its specific category, Envision is the only one in the field with a 1st category A certification.

Member of Pro-Chile

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